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yeah, they are no longer called shout outs...i have dubbed them "yelling is fun!" HA!

Jennifer :)

First 'Yelling is fun' goes to *drum roll* JENNIFER!! my best friend in the world. your my sister. i cant tell you how much i love you and how much i appreciate you helping me through all this shit that's been going on lately. your the greatest. i dont know what i'd do without you :)
you could say i'm *slap slap* slappin nutz HAHA
' you smell that?' "!"

My darling Jamie :) My love for you is unlimited! look!.....unlimited.. lol your great! your fun! i like you! since your my darling boyfriend, i decided you should get a yalling is fun! because you very special to me in my heart made of cheese (and jam ;) )


Daniella my bella :) we've been neighbours for as long as i can remember...even though i dont talk to you that often anymore, you still deserve a spot on this site. can't wait until your famous, i'll be right there moochin money off ya :p

You sexy sexy man *bites neck*...heehee...your to cute. i like hugging you :) >.< but it's a good thing.. ;) HA! i still luv ya to bits :) and thank you dear wesley for keeping my boredom to a minimum during my grounding/suspension. your not a loser lol i luv ya hun ;) dont change a thing

my fellow band mate! miss. rainbow...cheese! cant wait 'till our first show! how exciting! :D i havent known you for to long gave me a shoutout, so i'm giving you a yelling is fun!, so you better like it! *shakes fist* i know you want sasha..i get get his number for you *oooOOOOOOOooo*

my dearest Sherlane..what am i gonna do with you? own me...muahahaha! wait.. i'm confused now. hope you like your yelling is fun! you better...or else >.<

how art thou! hee hee, you sexy bitch you. i hope this makes you feel better! you got your yelling is fun! now be quiet..ok, i'm sorry i take it back...actually.......

Beanie Baby!
my dear bean! what am i gonna do with  you? your such a sexy beast! TUT! who the fuck says that?! wes: i have an announcement! bean: make it into a story!!! i like stories... muahahahaha that was quite the funny stuff. your so cute!!! i want you :p *wink wink nudge nudge* oh yeah!! and *kick kick* teehee! anyway, this is your yelling is fun..enjoy it while you can :p luv ya!!

guess what? i dont know who this "Dan" character is...well, i know he's from that 13 stitches band, i've never met him. so i can still be celine the ugly. and plus..he refers himself to THE UGLY and i refer myself to CELINE THE UGLY. two different things my friend. you and your fudge packaging ways. cheese lives!

Hey hun! here's your yelling is fun. i cant wait to see you again! your an awsome guy and fun to hang out with! you should call me and we should hang out more often. we should go to more shows together! oh, and about the water gun thing at our show... you spray me..that's fine..but if you spray my set..there'll be some ass kickin up in there :p hehe luv ya babe!