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Detication to Fesfo

Ok..ok...i know, i'm a loser for doing this, but fesfo is really fun. whoever has gone wouldn't disagree...well..most likely.

Since i cant go to Fesfo this may, i decided to put up some pictures of the people that i have met there (and that i miss so much) and some information on what it is for the people that dont know what it is.


Ok, Fesfo is basically celebrating being french and living in Ontario. I mean, it's hard to find french activities in Ontario...especially if your city is an english Hamilton. The one that happens in November (which is called La Forum) is for certain parts of Ontario. In my case, it happens in Southern Ontario. Students from french schools (that want to go) get together in one city, in one school, and spend a weekend together. All the students are seperated into certain groups that they choose (example: Music, Improv, Art ect) and they prepare a presentation for everyone. Now, your not grouped up with your friends from your own school. Your grouped with students from different schools, and it's very common that in that group, your gonna be the only person from your school. On the second day, we work basically the WHOLE day on that presentation. So you basically have no choice but to talk to the others. That way, you make a few friends there. And at the end of the day, we present it and everyone has a jolly good time. Besides being getting along with the people in your group, there's also meeting the rest of the gang. You just meet tons of awsome people and make cool friends from around southern Ontario.


This is me and Zack from Forum 2002. he was interviewing me :p


This is Rosco, me and Matt from Forum 2002. We were all in muzzik together. i look like shit. my god...i was so tired


Ok, now Fesfo happens in may. Like, i mean, the one where ALL the french schools in Ontario participates. And it's basically the same thing except it's 2 full days instead of one. It happens during the long weekend of May. Now, i can't go this year for certain reasons and it really upsets me. I miss everyone that i met last year and i'm missing out on meeting new people this year. Yeah, there's really nothing to explain on the big one in may except that it's bigger...and better. there's concerts, we all get to be on tv for the opening ceremony (on a french channel) and we get a dance thing. Fun fun! *thumbs up*


These are a few people from my music group last year (Les /\/\enuets). Gab *the blond spiky hair guy*, Rene *the one with the tuke and glasses* i forget the other girls name, and Adam *the extremely hot guy with the visor...well, he doesnt look good in this picture...but he's still hot*

this is everyone that showed up at Fesfo last may


Okie, my friend took this picture suring our preformance. well..right before we were about to start. yes yes...arent the light purrrty? out of the 10-15 people in our group, we had four drummers :) Adam (visor guy), and Gab once again..then there's me!! with blond hair.. my bangs were different colored though. the fourth drummer you cant see...the fourth one is elizabeth :)..oh, and if you look closer to my arm, that's a bruise...a very big one at that. i played shot for shot with Adam *i think....*

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