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My Craptacular Site

Ok, this is the page where i vent out my opinions and rant on about absolutely nothing. i dont expect anyone to ready it...but meh **-> there are more rants to come<-**

First and foremost. God is not real. I dont know how i can emphisize that any more. God is just a fictional character in a story book called The Bible..and people insists that it's eal, but they have no physical proof of it. Remember, religion is a crutch, and society's cripple. Society needs something to lean on when things go bad. Instead of actually DOING something about it, they pray to something they think lives above them asking that person to make things better. That's lazyness for ya. If god or jesus was so real, why isn't he in our history books. I know for sure he's not in mine. I really dont like it when people try and convinve me that I'M wrong, and that "the mighty lord love you" bull shit (yes, someone actually told me that), well know what? if he "loved" me, why am i so fuckin miserable? why did my friend have to die? why do i get taken advantage of by the majority of my "friends"? any does my FAMILY even treat me like shit? answer me that! so if there really is a's s few things i gotta say 1) your an idiot for making that tree thing that adam and eve weren't supposed to eat. i mean, would someone really trust a god who would make that kinda thing? and let the devil into the garden of eden? i know i wouldn't and 2) fuck you.

I do not like authority. Anyone who knows me knows that. i mean, fuck..i got suspended from my school twice for refusing to obey authority. it's always the whole "i'm right and your wrong, i'm not gonna let you prove it because i'm an inconsiderate asshole and i hate cheese" attitude. i mean, facing any kind of authority (like principals and your boss for instance) is like being in court. your in front of the judge, you say your side, the other says their side, and the bigger man or woman gets to say whos right. except for the fact that if it's just you, they wont let you prove yourself that your innocent. like how i was. i fuckin hate how people get to judge on something that isn't any of their business or what went on during that period of time that they werent there to witness. >.< k, i'm done about the authority shit. GOD DAMMIT I FUCKIN HATE THERRIEN!!!!!


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